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Why your Business should Ditch a Personal Shredder and Go Professional?

Business isn’t something to take lightly. The term “business” itself comes from the word busy – means not doing things. In this busy profession, asking employees to shred important stuff in order to save money is the first step to risking your business. What you are doing is opening doors for identity thieves to steal the identity of your customers and clients, and what you are unaware of is it is impossible to undo this big mistake. In 2018 alone, around 60 million people in the US were affected by identity theft. If there is any simple way to destroy a business and stop the growth of a start-up, it is this – shredding documents on your own.

If 2018 identity theft statistics are not enough for you to switch to document shredder service, there here are a few facts about identity theft you need to know:

  • Every one out of fifteen individuals in the United States deals with an identity theft crime.
  • Over one million children in the United States face the crime of identity theft each year.
  • The total loss because of identity theft for 2019 amounted to $3.3 billion in losses.

The financial loss is enormous but is fixable. On the other hand, personal loss is incurable. That is the reason why finding a secure, safe, satisfactory, practical, and permanent solution is necessary. All these mentioned adjectives point towards only one solution – Document Shredder Company.

Now, the question is what does investing in document shredding companies bring apart from security? Providing protection has always been the primary focus of shredding companies like Shred It For Less Garden Grove. Apart from that, document shredder companies dispose of your documents like no other. There is no chance that you can come across a single case of identity theft while dealing with a professional, promising, prestigious, and privileged shredding company. If there is something you can come across, then it is honesty, respect, professionalism, protection, profit, comfort, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Shredding documents on your own can cost you nothing but risk, time, effort, and money. You utilize your time to save your money. What actually happens is neither you save money nor you protect the company. Investing in a document shredding company is all you need to unbox worries and box peace. To know more about our services or to book a consultation, contact us at (714) 912-2818 or visit our website Garden Grove Shredding Services.

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