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Why Mobile Paper Shreddings?

More than 50% of companies practice paper recycling. However, not all the documents can be thrown into the blue bin for recycling. Some documents contain sensitive information about the organization, employees, and customers as well. For that reason, the mobile paper shredding revolution is here. However, there is still a big confusion about the difference between in-house and mobile shredding service and also between off-site shredding and mobile shredding. In this piece of the article; we focused on providing you a clear distinction between the two.

Mobile Paper Shreddings

Difference between in-house and mobile paper shredding service:

Cost: Cost is the common distinction factor to find out which is the reasonable option between in-house and mobile paper shredding service. In the case of in-house shredding service, you have to buy a shredder that costs around $500 if you buy one that is of better quality. You will also be charged for maintenance and running costs. On the other hand, you don’t have to buy any shredder in the case of mobile document shredding. Also, you don’t have to worry about running and maintenance costs.

Time: If we consider time, even then mobile paper shredding service takes charge. The in-house shredding services are very time-consuming, while mobile shredding service doesn’t require any staff to perform shredding.

Security: In-house shredding service cannot be accepted as a secure shredding service as part-time employees of the shredding company have access to your company’s confidential information. On top of that, shredding can be seen as a frustrating process that increases the chances of improper shredding service. Moreover, you get no documented support for what has been shredded and when it was shredded.

In the case of a mobile document shredding service, you don’t face any of the above problems. You get full documented support. No one can have access to your information as your documents are held in lock bins until they get shredded.

Difference between off-site and mobile paper shredding service:

Opportunity for error: In the case of off-site shredding service, there are many opportunities for things to go wrong, leaving your confidential information in danger. The mobile paper shredding service is designed to save your confidential information from getting into the wrong hands.

You don’t get to know what happens to your documents between pick up and the final destination. You can never lose control over your confidential information in the case of a mobile shredding service.

Able to be witnessed: The off-site shredding process is difficult to witness sometimes, but there is an easy way to do the same in the case of mobile document shredding. Also, the off-site shredding service is a little bit time-consuming as you have to visit the shredding center to witness the shredding process. In the case of a mobile shredding service, you don’t need to leave your place as the shredding employees can come to your house for you to witness the process.

There is no doubt that the mobile shredding service is the best way to clear out your clutter, to secure your business, and to maintain your reputation.

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